Chances are you have heard that MSG is some sort of toxin. This idea is exclusive to the US and is an example of a food fad. Are you allergic to ripe tomatoes? If not, you are not allergic to MSG. It is delicious and contributes less sodium than sodium chloride (table salt). More than just a food fad, the origin of this myth is likely racist. MSG is used a lot in Asian cooking, and for good reason. It is delicious.

I abhor food fads. They are anti-scientific and promote ignorance. We never buy bottled water except when on a road trip if we run short of water. The day I looked at a bottle of water and saw Gluten Free on the label I just about lost it.

Marketing claims like Gluten Free and No GMOs are a sure sign that the people who produce and sell the product think you are stupid. Do not give them your money.

Still have questions? See The Real Truth About MSG Safety, With Science.